Travertine Repair & Restoration | Kansas City

Travertine Restored to Like-New

Travertine is a stone that adds character and appeal to the floors, countertops, or walls of any home or business. If your travertine has become dull, stained, scratched, etched, chipped, or otherwise damaged, we can restore its antique elegance, whether flooring, showers, countertops, or other surfaces.

Filled Travertine

Some people prefer the finished appearance of filled travertine, in which the natural holes that run throughout the stone are filled with color-matched epoxy or polyester, and then the surface is honed or polished. These holes can become exposed in time. Our highly qualified technicians fill the holes again and restore the finish. We can also resolve any other problems that may occur, such as cracks, chips, or scratches.

Unfilled Travertine

Others people prefer the more rustic appearance of unfilled travertine, which often has a chiseled or tumbled edge to enhance its weathered look. If your stone is uneven (lippage), has dirt and grime trapped in the textured surface,  has stains, chipping, or damage, don’t replace it. We can grind, clean, seal, and repair your travertine at a fraction of the cost of replacement, removing stains and giving it a custom finish.

Contact us today to discuss your travertine needs or to set up a recurring maintenance schedule so that it always looks great.