Marble and Limestone

Marble and Limestone Polished and Protected - Kansas City

Our Marble Repair and Restoration Services

  • Refinish or change the finish
  • Etch “water mark” removal
  • Chip, crack, and break repair
  • Stain removal
  • Lippage removal (leveling uneven tiles)
  • Deep cleaning
  • Sealing to inhibit staining
  • Slip resistance treatments
  • Etch and stain protection treatments
  • Ongoing maintenance
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Marble is a timeless, absolutely gorgeous material. However, with spills, improper cleaning, and normal wear that happens over time with regular use, marble can lose its clarity and luster. Campbells Cleaning and Restoration, can restore and refinish marble floors, countertops, vanity tops, and other marble surfaces that have become dull, stained, scratched, etched, chipped or otherwise damaged. We can repair, hone, and polish your marble and limestone countertops, vanity tops, and other surfaces to reveal the brand new stone that lies beneath, restoring it to a showroom-ready, like-new condition.

If you are not completely satisfied with your current marble finish, our skilled, highly trained technicians can use the appropriate diamond-infused pads or polishing powders to create the exact finish you want, whether it’s a soft matte finish, a glossy, high-polished finish, or something in between. We provide expert marble and limestone services for residential and commercial clients throughout the Kansas City area.

See Our Marble Case Studies

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Do you have marble floors, countertops, walls, or other marble surfaces? What services do you need? We provide complete marble floor and surface care and professional maintenance services for commercial and residential properties, including both interior and exterior marble surfaces. 

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