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Stripping and Waxing Over and Over... There's a Better Way

Terrazzo is a beautiful, resilient, low-maintenance flooring option, only people generally don’t realize this because terrazzo is so often subject to improper cleaning and care. Terrazzo is commonly waxed to achieve a shine, which can be problematic because waxes yellow and have a tendency to collect dirt and become scuffed and scratched. In an attempt to improve the appearance of the floor, people then strip and re-wax the terrazzo. It looks decent for a little while, but then the whole process starts over again. Waxing and stripping, waxing and stripping, ad nauseam, ad infinitum. This cycle is costly and time-consuming. Fortunately, there is a better way.

Terrazzo Floor Polishing

Terrazzo Restoration Service Overview

Our natural polishing process can achieve a finish anywhere from gloss to matte — according to your preference. Natural terrazzo restoration eliminates the need for stripping and coatings. You can reduce maintenance costs, save time, and have a clean, beautiful terrazzo floor that will wow your clients and employees or family and guests. Campbell’s Cleaning and Restoration can restore your terrazzo floors and surfaces to like-new condition.

Our Terrazzo Services


We can completely remove waxes and coatings.


Terrazzo floors that are too dull or too shiny can be refinished to whatever finish you prefer: gloss, semi-gloss, matte, or custom.


Honing virtually erases dullness, wear patterns, scratches, etches and spots on terrazzo.


Polishing using the appropriate diamond-infused pads or polishing powders results in a lasting, natural finish that does not require stripping or waxing.


Don’t cover up your damaged terrazzo with carpet or other flooring material! We can remove carpet tacks and glue, repair any chips or cracks, and hone and polish to restore a like-new finish.

Stain Removal

We’re here for you, whether you are seeking guidance on how to remove terrazzo stains and discolorations yourself or you want us to treat them.

Clean and Seal

The more porous your terrazzo is, the more susceptible it will be to staining. We deep clean using non-acidic, highly-effective cleaning solutions, followed by an application of high quality sealer, if needed.


Regularly scheduled maintenance is customized per your specific needs and requirements.

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