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We Restore Stone Surfaces to Like New!

Don't replace your dull, damaged stone. We can restore stone floors, countertops, even exterior hardscapes, and more to like new.

Refinishing and repair of your stone surfaces will restore them to like new for a fraction of the cost of replacement. We can even change the finish from a polished finish to a honed finish or vice versa.

Terrazzo Polished to a Natural Polish

Got Terrazzo? Let's Make it Look Great and Reduce Maintenance Costs

It's time to break that costly cycle of strip and wax... strip and wax...

Did you know that terrazzo can be polished to a natural polish without waxes? It will look better and you don't have to worry about coatings yellowing and needing to be stripped.

Tile & Grout Renewed

No More Dirty Grout Lines!

Soiled and stained grout lines make your entire floor look dirty and old. We have a game-changing solution!

After deep cleaning your tile and grout, we can color seal the grout lines, making even permanently stained grout uniform in color and follow up cleaning so much easier. We can even change the color completely.

Kansas City Premium Quality Carpet Cleaning

You'll Soon Be Saying Aaahhh...

Using state of the art equipment and environmentally friendly, safe cleaners, we destroy soils and allergens...

Your carpets are an investment and a backdrop to your environment. Professional carpet cleaning not only extends the life of your carpets, it makes a big difference in how your home or business looks and the healthfulness of your environment.

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Marble, travertine, granite, limestone, and more...

Natural Stone

Has your stone become dull or otherwise damaged? Is it in need of sealing? It's time to give us a call.


Doesn't need to be high maintenance...


We can clean, hone, polish and protect your terrazzo and eliminate the perpetual cycle of stripping and waxing.


Cleaning, sealing, color sealing...


Your tile floors and surfaces will look like new and follow up cleaning will be so much easier. Reach out to us today!


Cleaning and protection...


We use state-of-the-art equipment and environmentally friendly, but powerful, cleaning agents to deep clean your carpets.

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Why Choose Campbell's?

Experience Counts. And So Does Reputation.

Since 1989, Campbells Cleaning and Restoration has been serving the Kansas City area with expert surface cleaning, repair, and protection. At the helm is Phil Campbell, a veteran in the industry and a certified stone and tile inspector and consultant. Working alongside Phil are highly trained technicians that know what it takes to clean, polish, restore, and protect your floors and surfaces, using state-of-the art, environmentally friendly solutions. We take great pride in delivering exceptional results at fair and reasonable prices.

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We are highly referred by customers as well as by Kansas City’s most reputable flooring specialists, interior designers, architects, builders, realtors, and clients for expert consultation, cleaning and restoration services.

Real Jobs. Real Results.

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Stone restoration is best defined as honing and polishing natural stone to restore the finish to its newly installed state, or better. It can also include changing the finish from a polished to a satin or honed finish, or vice versa, and removing lippage (flattening floors that have unevenly laid tiles.) It may include removing stains and etching, or repairing cracks, chips, and breaks. 

We offer expert travertine repair and restoration services. We can fill holes, hone, polish, and seal with a clear or enhancing sealer if needed. 

Yes, we do. However, we have found that in most cases you can remove the stains yourself with a little guidance from us. Check out our interactive Stain Management App or give us a call.

For the most part, our estimates are free of charge. In some instances, for example if the job site is further away than 25 miles, we may require an estimate fee. We will always inform you up front if there will be a fee.

We have a beautiful stone and tile care guide that you can download. You’ll find it on our Caring For It page. By the way, feel free to share it with your friends and family.

We service the entire Kansas City MO and Kansas City KS metro area including including Overland Park, Kansas City, KS, Independence, MO, Olathe, KS, Lee's Summit, Shawnee, Blue Springs, Liberty, Lenexa, Leavenworth, Leawood, Bonner Springs, and De Soto.

You can visit our service area page to see all the specific areas we service. and by all means you can contact us to inquire. 


“I used Campbells to repair and polish my travertine floors. Unbelievable results! I would highly recommend.”

Stephanie W., Overland Park, KS

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