Terrazzo Cleaning, Restoration, Repair & Maintenance | Kansas City

Don’t Replace, Restore!

Many people who pull up carpet and find terrazzo underneath assume that the dirty, dingy-looking stone is beyond repair. That’s because layers of discolored old wax coatings and topical treatments, originally applied to protect the finish, are built up on the surface. The coatings trap dirt and grime and ruin the appearance of the stone.

Fortunately, terrazzo can be restored using the same process that is used to restore marble and granite. Diamond honing is a natural polishing process that produces the desired gloss or matte finish and eliminates the need for waxing, which reduces maintenance cost. Campbell’s Cleaning and Restoration can restore, polish, and repair your terrazzo floors and recommend the proper cleaners and care products to keep your terrazzo looking like new with minimum maintenance. Let us help to keep your terrazzo in GREAT shape!

About Terrazzo

Terrazzo contains marble chips of different sizes and colors, held together with a cement base, resin or epoxy base. Virtually any terrazzo floor can be restored to like-new or better, because the nature of its composition allows the surface layer (where all the damage is apparent) to be removed, revealing the undamaged surface underneath.